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I need help paying rent and utility bill

momof2inpa started this conversation

Im a single mother of 2 and I am recently unemployed.  I applied for unemployment but I wont get the first check for 4 weeks. I dont know where to turn, can you help me???



Christina Anderson

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 in response to momof2inN.C...   Would you like to share our home and help out around the house?Be a part of the family atmosphere.
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HI,I hope there are someone who can help direct me to the right place where I can find the assistance I NEED!I'm a mother of two young children who has found that looking for work is not as forth coming as I thought it would be.However,I'm staying focus regardless how bleat my search may have become.As I reach out for help concerning my light bill that will be disconnected in the morning,if theirs anyone who can help us we would be truly grateful.
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I recently moved up to Warrington pa from Reading pa to open a salon.Oprned it and thing are slow just meetin bill with fiance income to add,then he get sick!Hospitalize for 3 day found out there is a cyst on his left side of his brain and has to get surgery.I've tried to make every dollar I can workin odd hour driving for money even working all 7 day still fell behind now I got an eviction notice!does anybody kno where I can go get help?
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 in response to tuc k...   

Hi ---Just curious did you check out my post to you about what to try?? I know when you are new or even been here for a while -but  you responded to yourself...and once in a while I lose post sometimes..hitting the wrong button. I  hope the information I left will help...Starshine

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tuc k
 in response to tuc k...   yes I have arrangement my medicaid was terminated I pay for all of my medication roughly bout $535 monthly rent $320 monthly since I'm diabetic my food cost more food stamps pending.I haven't needed help with my bills until I had to pay full price for my meds. I will just keep praying the power company doesn't  care bout your health .My Dr.filled out medic alert form they set their  help me when they can.own rules I get paid monthly my family
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Have you talked to your utilty company about a payment plan for you can keep medicines refrigerated? Is there a neighbor around that could refrigerate them for you?? I would apply with as I know someone involved very much with it and another person here is applying there.. Or try and in my blog

There is St.Vincent de Pauls but they only cover certain areas

  call st vincent 770-458-9607call this number and see if they help in your area

Good luck 


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tuc k

on disability need help with utility bill I've called churches n angencies n my area no 1 has any funds I have medications that needs to b kept cold any suggestions.PLEASE  tell me what I need to do or go. Burlington nc

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Young, hard working father needs help paying rent.

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 I need help in paying rent and light bill due to me working but not making enough to cover rent. I have two kids and my husband lost his job and pretty much everything is on me to make sure things get paid on time. I have become so stressed out behind this and I just want help to relieve some of this stress.

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